Meet Vivian

It is often said,
“Don’t stand still. She’ll paint a Santa on you.”

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Another City, Another Show

Thank you for stopping in to check out the products made by the hands of the talented Vivian Hilliard.

You may call anytime to inquire about ordering the artwork that Vivian produces, or for wholesale pricing and other information.  Call:  270.781.5159

Over 20 years ago, Vivian first created a Santa Claus on a 2×4 piece of wood. It wasn’t the cutest thing, in comparison to her perfected product today, but it began a long road of product development.

At her shows, Vivian loves the look in children’s eyes at her shows and she can not resist the temptation to give them an adorable artistic pin for a shirt or another whimsical holiday decoration.

Today, there are more than 100 different products and holiday decorations at vhCrafts. In fact, Mr. Hilliard used to have the first of every product made displayed upon the mantle each Christmas. Now he needs additional mantles!

Enjoy the site. We appreciate your visit!